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About me

Thanks for clicking on the link and for being curious about me. I love to eat and I also love to cook. I am pretty sure you are also like me if you are reading this now.

Why Sassy?
In the recent years, I faced some challenging situations. I settled on My Sassy Food Blogger because "sassy" means lively,  bold and full of spirit. It also means cheeky, reminding me not to take things a little too seriously. Always remember to have some fun!

Why Blog?
Blogging is a very intense experience. It helps me to destress and not dwell on things that I do not want to think about.

Why Food?
Food brings people together. Good food opens the hearts.

Why Cook?
I love to cook and I hate to wash. I love easy recipes because I have a full time job. Complicated recipes put me off. Simple cooking can be very fun and home cooked food is definitely healthier. It also breeds love.

Why Hotel Stays?
I am very in love with Staycations.

Why Travel?
Travelling has the ability to bring people either together or apart. Every trip opens my eyes to a better tomorrow.

What do the ratings mean?
Food - Delicious?
Price - Value for money?
Service - Any extra mile?
Variety - Relative to other eateries serving similar cuisine
Ambience - Comfortable?
Sassiness - Does it make me feel happy and cool?

What I write only represents my experience at that moment in time. Every experience can be unique.
All photographs are taken by me otherwise specified.

I would love to hear from you about what you have been up to. Leave your comments and let's bond over food.

Please contact me at mysassyfoodblogger@gmail.com

Jenna K

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